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Friday, 28 October 2011

Get the ball rolling...

Right so here it is, the first post.

I'v been meaning to do a blog for ages but never got round to it.

 I guess there will be a few uses out of this blog;
1: Help me to finish projects (I have a knack for not finishing things)
2: Help me to keep track of projects (there are many)
3: Maybe get my name out there as a reputable commission painter

Even if it only achieves one out of those, it'll be useful :D

So, lets get straight into it then.
Right now, I am working on a number of projects.
A blindwater army I'll detail in the next post.
A winter khador army
An epic Goreshade army project
and a few other things like Ralgard from uncharted seas.

I'll try to chronicle these projects on here, although it may be a little late as they are already underway.

Well first post has no pics, as my camera broke, so it'll be iphone all the way now :( but still, that's better than nothing.

Hopefully ill do lots of pics and update soon.



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