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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Second day second post! We'll see how long this lasts...

Right now, I am finishing up a Blindwater army ready to sell it. The army consists of:

Bloody Barnabas
Calaban the Grave Walker
2x Converted Blackhide Wrastlers
2x Ironback Spitters
3x Bull Snappers
2x Full Gatorman Posses with custom weaponry
Wronge Eye and Snapjaw
3x Croak Hunters
1x Thrullg
1x Converted Totem Hunter.

The conversions are fairly extensive in some places and not so much in others.

The Blackhide Wrastlers for example are on the Snapjaw body (I hate the silly Wrastler pose and love the feral look of Snapjaw) so there's a Snapjaw with a shoulder plate and a Snapjaw with a Wrastler head and lots of green stuff work.

The Gatorman Posses all have different weaponry, this is because I thought they would most likely scavenge their weapons from felled enemies rather than forge their own. They are made using lots of bits from lots of kits.

Finally the Totem Hunter...isn't really a Totem Hunter, it's Wrong Eye given a butcher knife and a spear instead of a hook blade. Personally I like it better than a smooth alien thing in the gator army.

[Not sure why but this photo got lost somewhere] :/

But there are a few pics of the rest:

All in all there are 31 models coming in at 86 points.

They are a super competitive and fun army to play, the gator posse being arguably the best troops hordes has to offer (although I do like my Troll Champion brick best)

So yeah. These guys need a little detailing done on their eyes and the bases painted on the beasts and then theyll be on Ebay.
I'll send them off in custom cut Fehrerr Foam to keep them safe.

Cheers for looking!


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