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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Random update

It's not really an update per se, as there's nothing new here but, I have decided to start showing old stuff. This might end up being interesting to read because hopefully it'll show a growth and development in my skills as a painter. That and why the hell not?!

Also, I have recently been looking into airbrushing. I've done a lot of research, and watched many Youtube vids etc and reckon I'd be alright with that type of that's what I'm getting for Christmas courtesy of my lovely fiancee! XD

I have pretty much settled on the one I want and I've found a decent compressor that looks like it'll last a good long time and is reasonably quiet (something that can be a serious problem by the sounds of it).

Right now, I'm considering investing in one of the Badger line, as Les who does recommends them like crazy (and a lifetime guarantee is nothing to sniff at)  and after reading quite a bit on and other places it seems that the ps900 that is available on Ebay for $55 seems like one of the better ones despite the tiny price tag.
That along with the TC-20T compressor seems like a fantastic starter set up to really hone my skills and I mean really, I'll most likely do several hours a day and fly through models. (After all, I want to get good enough to get my Trollblood collection (276 points...almost everything in the Trollblood line with most units duplicated) repainted in a new skin tone which I'll explore later complete with NMM metals and really nice bases.

But that stuff is for another time :D

I decided that every time I post something I'll endeavour to post a pic, it makes the blog more shiny and significantly more interesting.
So, below we have an old Cygnar army I did. I did these a couple years ago and didn't really enjoy them too much, I think I abandoned them just after the field test had finished in favour the Retribution line that was coming out (I bought the entire line of Ret and decided I was bored of them two months later) :/

So, the army had very basic Shale bases with nothing more because I never got round to doing anything with them. The army itself was an experiment to push my skills, so the entire army was black, with a nice yellow trim. I chose black because it’s a challenging colour to paint and get right.

The army was fun to play with, but Cygnar's infantry feels like it lacks something, and eHaley, although an awesome caster, has a feat that makes your friends cry and stay home which got very tiresome in all honesty. Caine on the other hand...was the first model I did for Cygnar and I was dying to use him but could NEVER write a list that I liked, which is weird, because he doesn’t really need a decent list as he is a one man army on his own but I ended up never using him.

Anyway, enough talk...PICS!
epic Caine

epic Haley




A pair of hunters

Gun Mage unit

Black 13th

Left to right: Male Junior Warcaster, Squire and Arlan Strangeways

Aaaand the army shot :D

All in all I was quite proud of this army when I had done it. But it was done in one weekend and it is rather bland. I don't think I'd even heard of NMM back then.

Any comments appreciated :)

'Till next time folks!


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