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Thursday, 17 November 2011

All quiet on the western front

It's been quiet, simply because Skyrim is out.

What can I say,  it's awesome ...and big. Very big. And therefore takes up lots of time.

Also worth mentioning is that it's funny too. One example is that I was trudging through the mountainous wilderness north of Markarth when a bloke runs up to me, possibly a Nord, Breton or Imperial.
Anyway, he stops me and says "Here take this, just for a bit. Dont take it yourself or I'll kill you"

I take it from him, wondering what the hell is going on, but a free item is a free item. He hands me an Orcish sword of cold...sweet.

Next, a hunter runs up and asks if I've seen a thief.

I see my opportunity here to play with people and answer "no".

Next, the hunter turns round and spots the thief who had taken to hiding at the side of the road in plain site of everyone. The hunter shouts and starts shooting, while the thief sits there and takes it.
Once the thief was dead, the hunter seems satisfied, turned around and walked away, apparently appeased.

All this time, I was stood in between the two brandishing my shiny new sword. Win :D

Anyway, a bit of p+m news. Airbrush gear has now arrived and I'm loving it. I got two crappy brushes with the compressor I'm planning on learning with and using for basic priming etc and a good brush for detail and better control spraying.

It was a good plan but didn't work. I used the good brush after priming with one of the poor ones, and clogged it with crappy thick GW paint. (well all the youtube vids and guides I've read mentioned the most important thing is to learn to thin paints, I now know why)
So for a couple of days it has sat in a bath of acetone, windowlene and airbrush cleaner while the liquid slowly turns more blue/purple.

Aside from this, I've learned a tonne in a very short space of time.
I have decided to repaint my entire collection of trollbloods in zenithal technique using primarily the airbrush. This obviously requires testers.

The scheme I've decided on is based on the storm troll artwork, I'm thinking purple shades in the skin tones built up to trollblood blue this contrasted with cold silvers, dark leathers, red/purple gems and maybe green tartan. The thing to really make it pop though will be that every model will have some degree of OSL on it, if only from their eyes which will be glowing arcane blue and possiby glowing tattoos (very similar colour to hawk turquoise)

I've grabbed a few unpainted testers, starting on a pyre troll, a bomber and a fennblade unit attachment. A couple of different types of models with a lot of skin on show so I can practice the skin tone which I'm rather excited about.

So, a black prime to start. With a spray of white from above to signify a light source allowing super thing paint to be shaded by the underneath as per the zenithal technique.

Heres a couple pics to show the two hours or so of testing.

On the left shows the underside in black, and on the right shows the white that falls in the places that the light would naturally hit (assuming a source of light from the top) All models start like that.

Fennblade UA. A couple of things to note of this mini. First, I am using crazy strong masking tape, I'll have to figure that one out XD
Also, this one shows the purple base and trollblood blue highlight. Overall, I am really pleased with the result, the blend is beautiful. I just hope I can do the rest of the mini justice.

That's it for now, feel free to comment etc.
There will be lots more to come soon.

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