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Friday, 13 January 2012

Much quicker than I thought, I managed to take pictures :)

The model pictured is a Fennblade officer. He is not finished as yet however, as my airbrush compressor decided it had a leak on the underside of the air tank and so couldn't hold pressure. It will be completed once I get a new one (soon hopefully)

Step 1: The model was primed black, then primed a thin white from directly above him. This left a two tone black and white model that, when painted over in thin layers, allows a natural light source effect by giving shadows on the undersides of the model - where natural shadow would be.

Step 2: He was masked off leaving just his flesh visible and airbrushed vallejo's hexed lichen for the dark purple shadow to his skin.

Step 3: A layer of very thinned P3 Trollblood blue was airbrushed over an arc above the model. The result of this can be seen lower down this page.

Step 4: I next deal with the metals giving a zenithal treatment using dull silvers and black wash to keep the silver out of the eye catching brightness. (I want the flesh and the weapon to be the focus)

Step 5: I chose the colours for the sash cloth, went with green for the purple compliment and got to work with thin layers, starting at Citadel's Dark Angel green up to snot green and then highlighted with Goblin Green. The crystals on his skin got the same treatment too

Step 6: Next it was a matter of sorting the details, i.e. the eyes, gems, teeth/nails and leather.
It is my personal opinion that the teeth of the trolls should always be the same colour as their nails, I'm not sure why, but they bring each other out if this is the case, and look odd if the colours are different. I will put a special mention to the eyes though, they were a royal pain, and after the original artwork for Borka I'm a strong advocator of the belief that all trollkin, full blood trolls and dire trolls should be without a pupil. They simply dont have them, end of.

I do need to finish the model, there is the matter of the weapon of course, which will be experimented on. I also need to clean up the white glue rubbish on his feet.

The base needs some work too. I sculpted the base out of milliput and added a few items. The theme for this army will be trolls searching old trollkin temples for forgotten knowledge/weapons to use against the skorne etc.

However, I just ssaw Rok today, and I'm feeling that head is fantastic!
Maybe the trolls should be in an icy environment and all have beards? hmmm....

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