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Friday, 27 January 2012

White Khador

This has been a long time coming.
About a year ago I got some khador in a trade and they were shelved until I wanted to use them. Well I feel that inspiration now and so have been painting them for a little while.

I started them in October before I had discovered airbrushing, and the thing about me is that I always try something new with each new project. So I tried blending white (yes, the colour most say is the hardest) to learn blending with.

Now it could have been nicer, but I don't think I did too badly to be honest.
The first pic is of Beast - 09.There is a fair bit of conversion work on him, his legs have been posed to be walking rather than looking like he's squatting.
He is bent in an advancing position. His axe was completely removed, his hands pinned and I gave him a weapon that looks like it has reach. (However, the comically thin brass rod is definitly not big enough, I'm about to order some thicker tubing)

Also, There is some greenstuff work on his hood to reflect the plastic 'jack sculpt shape and provide a nice sizable area to put the "09" on. His chimney stacks were then pulled farther back.

All in all, I'm very pleased with him.


Then came the airbrush. Since reading Wrath I've really liked the look of the warcaster Harkevich. The thing about Harkevich is that he wants Jacks that are good at both melee and shooting, so Behemoth, Spriggan (for stealth removal), and his character 'jack Black Ivan are all optimal choices.
So below is Black Ivan. Hi was primed black, very lightly airbrushed in Valljeo model air's Light Grey, this was neatened up with a brush, and then highlighted with white.
This chap is still very much a WIP, particularly on his base and his head, but I'm happy with results so far. I think the Khador army will be quite monotone, as I really like the army wide effect of monotone paint jobs.


 Some of you may notice how his claw is not the proper one (don't worry, I won't be playing tournaments) I did this because I didn't like the square fist, imo it's much more in theme with the rest of the 'jacks to have round fists, so a little green stuff work allowed the claws to be on the main fist.

Next up is the devastator, again still a WIP. No conversion work here just the stock model, although there are a few very long strong pins in those arms.

One thing I have noticed is that the blending on the arm shields hasnt worked properly, I'm still teaching myself wet blending, it certainly seems tougher in white than in other colours, my attempt with red worked perfectly. I'll get there though.

The devastator was done similar to Ivan, but the grey was done heavier and then the white was done on the armour rather than edges. I'm really pleased with it so far.


As you can see, a lot of work still to do. I've been thinking about putting sandbags on the ground but I've tried making them and I...well I can't. Anyone know any good ones to purchase?

Cheers for reading!

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